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First cheese smoke

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Well I'm about to start my first cheese smoke. Hopefully it turns out good.
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Good luck. Mines been sitting 2 weeks. Gonna try some tonight.

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That's great Bamajon. Let us know how you get on.

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Well so far I have had trouble getting my amaz n dust smoker to smoke very much. I don't think it's getting enough air flow.
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It looks like you are using a grill.  Try raising the lid a half inch and see if it helps with your air flow.  If you have a upper rack, place your cheese on it.  If you can't keep the temp below 75° this time of day, wait until morning and try it again.



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After three hours on my old grill with the Amazin dust smoker. Two weeks and I can give it a try.
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Thanks Mr T. Ill try that on the next one. I pulled the tray that catches the drippings out on the bottom and it seemed to help some.
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Let me know how it tastes Tim. I smoked sharp extra sharp mild cheddar and Colby, Swiss, and pepper jack.
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First and last cold smoke to date. Good luck. Cannot enough of this. Once you get going and cannot do it for some reason you get withdrawls and then it settles down. Have fun.

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Thanks. I LOVE smoked cheese. They turned me on to it at the past couple of NWFL gatherings. I finally decided to do it myself. Can't wait taste it in a couple of weeks
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Cheese looks Great Jon!!! I know you are going to love it!!! Now the trick is to keep ahead of your stock, so you will always have some ready for the taking!!!
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Over the weekend I tasted some smoked cheddar from a local commercial farm/smoker. Although the cheese itself was lovely and it was obviously farm produced it tasted as if they had left it in a plastic bag when they had smoked it. They responded "We cannot smoke it too much as we have to cater for what the majority of our customers want" !!!


It just confirms why I took to smoking my own a long time ago...

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Looks good have you tried any yet?

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Not yet. Ill try it this weekend. Ill let y'all know how it turned out
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