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new to the sight and smoking re-fabing a silve smoker some insight please lol

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i have am older (still american made) silver smoke i picked up in my travel but it was a butchered mess the first pic will show wat i started with and the rest where im at what im looking for is the measurements for the offset (top of cook chamber to top of the fire box  and the measurements of the fire box to cook chamber hole height form top of cook chamber to top and bottem of the hole any help would be greatfully appreciated im in orleans county western ny also so anyone local feel free to chime in






as you can see someone welded this aperatous on the bottem of the fire box and the whole middle wall was cut out so i remade them 


relocated chimney and new wall on cook chamber putting in twist/wood stove style damper on it 


reverse flow plate idea im working with its 14 inches wide but debating on making 12 any ides here appreciated also 


new wall on fire box and i left about 4 inches of the previous welded on aperatus to made it a lil deeper for ash and such yay or nah??


the fire pan that came with ineresting to say the least but may modify

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Rob, morning.... hope this helps a bit...  Just ballpark estimates from other design builds....     Should work OK.....   Tweak as necessary....            




....Click on pic to enlarge.......


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Welcome to the forums, Rob!  Glad you joined us.  You've found a great place to learn and share ideas on our favorite pastime...Smoking and Grilling great food!  Lots of friendly and knowledge folks here who really enjoy helping one another.  Just ask when you need help and you'll get plenty.  Looks like you're will on your way with the improvements to your rig.  Good luck and have fun...


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welcome.gif Rob. Dave has you covered. keep the pics coming.

happy smoken.


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Hi Rob! I moved your thread over to the "Side Fire Box" forum in Smoker Builds, I think you will find a lot more help over here!
When you get a minute come back over to "Roll Call" and tell us a little about yourself so we can all give you a big SMF Welcome, Thanks!
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sweet thank will deff be a big help there for sure and im a freelance fabricator so im using soap stone

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ok guy so here we go some pix of progress wat u think? and anything i should/need to change  

 here is my reverse flow diverter it sits about 3 inches from the near end is this ok or should it be bigger?


rough idea of fire box to cook chamber connection


with burner pan dont think ill use to little surface wat yall think?


the opening is 10" wide and 3" high at its narrowist and 5.5ish at its highest point is this enough?


in the process of attaching


prior to painting


another view of reverse flow plate


custom damper handle to look like a horseshoe thinking bout makin them to sell


ready to he seasoned


i have this flap to catch the heat and direct it through and under diverter good idea or no? its about 4-5 inches and about a 45 degree angle


about all set being seasoned has dual temp gauges having a lil trouble getting the heat up though got up to about 230 and then fell off quickly anys with what ive showed and is about 20-30 degrees cooler on the flow plate open side vs chimney side 

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The RF plate should be sealed on 3 sides to the cook chamber to stop air leaks.....  Looks like it is curled up at the end where the firebox is located.... 

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its sealed though now that was test fitting its bolted in place and has several tacks to hold it tight to the sides but is 3 inches enough of an opening at the open end or should i take it to 4?

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Bump anyone?
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Well had temp fluctuations and variances from about 20-80 degrees (hotter on fire box side) but 2 racks came out perfect as well as 3 boneless skinless chickens breasts with a nice smoke ringing. pics to follow tomorrow bed now PS the gf don't like pork or BBQ and was devouring them like they were going out style
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