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Neighborhood competition!

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I have been invited to take part in a neighborhood "meat" competition. I have recently had good luck with beer can style smoked chicken, using the "snake bitten" rub from this site, so that is what I'm going with. I will be up against ribs and pulled pork, so wish me luck. I have decided to smoke two birds at the same time and I currently have them soaking in brine over night. More to follow tomorrow!
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  Good luck with the smoke goodluck.gif



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Good luck!  Go out there and do SMF proud!!!



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Go get 'em!! And most importantly HAVE FUN!!
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Knock 'em dead! Best of luck...JJ

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You go ,Vayankyahoo.gif. Be patient and don't let them see you sweat biggrin.gif .


I repeat, BE PATIENT icon_exclaim.gificon_exclaim.gificon_exclaim.gif


As always ,have fun and ...

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All dressed up and ready to go!
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Good Luck man, that sounds really fun!

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Thanks for all of the support guys. This website has been awesome for me and I truly appreciate it.
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LUCK! i think the chic on the left will win.

keep the pics coming.

happy smoken.


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Chickens being carved !
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Good luck!
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I got 3rd place behind the ribs..
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Well good job either way man! You did good getting out there having fun with your neighbors and having some friendly competition.

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Originally Posted by VaYank5150 View Post

I got 3rd place behind the ribs..
That's fantastic!! Great job.
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