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Tri tip with Q view

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We bought a package of tri tip that was on sale last week , so tonight I fired up the smoky joe and grilled up these neat little tip steaks....marinated overnight in Italian dressing.

Had some charcoal left over from my brisket cook , so I used that up....
Threw the tri tip on the hot grill...

5 minutes later gave em a flip....

5 minutes later gave em another flip and threw the cover on....

Couple more minutes and I pulled em off ...

Sliced em up and served them with fingerling potatoes and fresh corn on the cob.....

These plated pics aren't very artistic , but that's cause I was hurrying so I could eat em !

The tri tip was a tad chewy but very flavorful. I don't mind a bit of chew if the taste is good. These were very good. And the corn was unbelievable! But I can't take any credit for that! Thanks for lookin
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looks great.

happy smoken.


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  Perfectly done!



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Looks delish!  I think the tri-tips are now my favorite over brisket!  All of it looks really good!



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Looks great, Hambone!  Nicely done...



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I like the carriage bolt bent lever...Lol....The beef looks excellent also..........biggrin.gif

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