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Spicy rib rub

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Ok guys im going to do some ribs this Saturday but I would like a spicy rub with no sugar. Im going to add the sweet during the foiling process. Thanks everyone.

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Define "spicy", please.

Most people use cayenne pepper and call that spicy.

Others will use ancho or chipotle chili powder.

Black pepper in proper amount adds spiciness.

5 spice powder will add a different spice profile.

What is your preference, heat or spicy flavor?

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I like spicy with flavor

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I like to apply a layer of garlic chili paste to my ribs then use my normal sweet rub when I'm looking for some extra kick.


The garlic chili paste I use is the stuff from the Chinese foods section of the store; small (5oz ish) jar. I think its from the same makers of Saracha, has the rooster on it.


Most of my mouths to feed do not like spice so I'm usually just use my sweet rub.

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