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What a difference summer makes

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WOW, since I am off work today I decided to smoke some chicken. Got my camera working again Red so yes qview will be there.

I am finding it amazing how easy it is now to keep the temps up. I bought my smoker a little over a month or so ago and in the cold have been chasing my temps, right now with no input from me at all exceot to add 1 maple chunk my smoker is sitting at 250 on the nose for the past 2 hours, not moving a inch. TBS is perfect and I ca not believe how easy this is now. I was never going to give up or anything but now I can finally see myself doing a low and slow all night smoke for say a 10# brisket.


Now if I can find a way not to smell like a campfire once I am done I will be happy lol


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Gotta show the q-views!!!!  I love to have the smokey perfume on me!  Sort of Zen time...I guess!


Kat th_What_NO_QVIEW.gif

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And as promised here is the Qview :)



Puppy #1 guarding the smoker, 1 year old Boxer named Stella



My mod for a good them, ok not pretty but it works



Guard puppy #1 just hoping something will fall out, also guarding, note the I am on guard position :P



Guard puppy #1 all alert for a morsel, I had just put another maple chunk in the fire pan..



Guard puppy #2 took over the guard the smoker duty, 1 and a half year old black lab named Truvy




Yummy smoke, seared on the grill for crispy skin.. mouth watering goodness.



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Yeah!  Q-views!  Looks good!  I love Stella....and Truvy!  Sweet babies!



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welcome to the group. looks great.

happy smoken.


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Looks outstanding, Barry!  Thanks for the Qview!  bravo.png



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Nice qview...did ya pay your guards well??

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Fan of Steel Magnolias? Cute pups and nice Q-view.

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