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Yoder 640 and smoke

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I have a Yoder 640 that I have only used only 6-7 times and I am not getting the smoke flavor that I am looking for.  I also have one of Tod's 20 inch tubes that I have been filling and using.  This past weekend I smoked about 50 pounds of pork butt using apple in the hopper and a full 20 inch tube of Hickory and took them all to around 205 or so.  I think that I got more than five hours of smoke but I had very little smoke taste in the butts. I have been placing the tube on the main rack near the center with the meat and It seems that the fan that circulates the air in the 640 thins the smoke so that not much is getting in the meat.  Am I not doing something that I should be doing?  Does anyone that has a Yoder have any suggestions as to how I might get a heavier smoke flavor?  I am baffeled as to what more I can do.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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I don't seem to be getting much help with this one.  I hope that someone has a suggestion that will help.  I'm getting almost no smoke flavor at all and there must be a way to do it better.  Anybody................

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I don't have a Yoder but from what I have read, is your firmware up to date?
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I would be surprised if it isn't.  It's only a couple of months old.

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I read that there were some fan issues that were fixed with recent firmware updates. I would check, you might have bought it a few months old but it was probably manufactured a year ago.
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