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Smoked Butter w/ QView

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First off, long time lurker as well as long time smoker.


You can't really see the smoke on the butter, but I thought I would put up a couple pics and my steps.


My setup is MES 40 with cold smoke attachment.


Decided to do 4 sticks of sweet cream butter.


Put the butter in one of my trays with a bowl of ice under it (it was about 75 degrees yesterday)


Cold smoked with apple wood for 2 hours.


Letting the butter mellow out for a day.  Grilling steaks tonight and will drop a pat on top when they come off the grill. As well as baked potatoes.


I will contribute more soon.



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Yummmmm.....everything is better with Buttah on it!  Looks wonderful....let us know how it tasted!



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EXACTLY as i suggest doing it.. if it's warmer outside you need a container w/ ice in with it.    If it's cooler out say around's not a problem.    If you're going to use butter why not use smoked butter!

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So I did a couple rib-eyes and baked potatoes tonight.  Put some smoked butter on both and it was amazing!!!  Gave my parents a taste and they started asking how long I smoked the potato and steak; I smiled and said it's just smoked butter.  First pic is a little blurry - was getting too excited to be still.




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Looks really good to me!



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Might have to try this. I was curious how it turned. I would have never thought of it. Nicely done.
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welcome to the group twistedx. it looks great.

happy smoken.


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Try adding the smoked butter to a box of Mac-n-Cheese. It is WONDERFULL!!!

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I never even considered smoking butter....hmmm.


Yours looks great Travis!  Steaks look good too.


@Mike Johnson - Boxed Mac&Cheese?  DUDE!!!  police2.gif



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@Mike Johnson - Boxed Mac&Cheese?  DUDE!!!  police2.gif



X2 police2.gifpolice.gif




Good job on the butter TwistedX

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Smoked butter rocks!

Did it awhile back and put it on brussel sprouts. MMM gawd it was even better on popcorn!

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Smoked butter is great on corn on the cob also!!

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