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Finally pics!!!!


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Originally Posted by CoffeeCreek View Post

Kat, looks like you're covered under rule #5 with the "war eagle"

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... Even if they're wrong. :-)
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Looks like you have the mods ready to roll like the Tide. I don't have a dog in the Bama/Eagle fight, went to Clemson, but it is really fun to watch from the sidelines!


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I'm gonna do a few more mods ans even try to make it a reverse flow within the next few weeks and paint job cause after the pork loin last night it's peeling bad all over the smoke box.... i
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I want to find a high temp ford blue !
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VHT makes Ford Blue block paint, but it is only good to 550 degrees, you could do the cook chamber in Ford blue and use silver header paint on the fire box.

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Awesome yea cause I'm not getting the chamber above 350 lol I couldn't get it above 250 last night
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