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New Small Smoker for Rookie

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Eaten tons of BBQ but want to finally start trying to smoke some of my own.   I would want something that doubles as a grill, I would smoke with wood or charcoal, and generally would be smoking for a small family most of the time, so size is generally small.   I live in a place that floods so I would need something that I could move when needed.

I would love something where the learning curve is not too steep, I am willing to pay up to $750 or so, and wanted to see if anyone had any good suggestions.  Thank you very much in advance, I look forward to contributing once I start to get the hang of it!

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If you want a smoker and a griller maybe you should look into a pellet grill.

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  Most store-bought side firebox smokers are set up to double as a grill and can be had for 3-400$ for a good one.



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Get a 22" Weber Kettle Grill and a Smoke-EZ and you're set for anything
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We don't have much info to go on.  Please stop by rollcall and introduce yourself.  Newbie and "start trying to smoke food for yourself".  Do we assume you have never grilled/smoked anything before?  If so, before you invest $750; buy yourself a cheap dome kettle grill and start with that.  You can do some good eats with that.  Move your coals to one side and place your meat on the other.  You need a good meat thermometer and watch the internal temp of the meat before you serve it.  If I am incorrect in my assumption please provide more info.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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