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Strawberry Jam with a Little Helper

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My little Grand-daughter, Kendal...age 5...and I made some strawberry jam this weekend.  It's finally strawberry season we decided to play!

We had 8 pounds of strawberries and got 8 pint jars of jam.  Used one of my Grand-Mother's recipes for the jam.



Here is Kendal....she helped me wash the berries and didn't eat that many of them!  biggrin.gif



Here is a close up of one of the pint jars...forgot to get all off the foam off the top after the jam was made...but will still taste good.



Here are the 8 pint jars....will be great on the biscuits this year!



Here are some of the jars in my Grand-Mother's heavy canner.



Sugar is cooking down...temp is rising...yummmm!



Loaded down with just plain sugar! Before the jam-making begins!


Thanks for looking!  We had fun yesterday!  Gotta teach the young ones how to "put up" foods this way!



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Nice job Kat, when she is older she won't remember her favorite TV show was at this age but she will remember this forever.

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Grandkids are so easy to teach at that age....   It's fun....   

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It's great that you're passing the recipes and techniques down to her. She'll remember these times forever. Looks like she's having as much fun making it as you were. The jam looks yummy. Almost as much fun making it as it is eating it...ALMOST. icon_lol.gif

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Yeah, I love getting up on Sunday morn. with the kids and we do a Pancake and Sausage and Egg breakfast. They enjoy helping fix and cleaning up afterwards .


Joey will be my "Pit Master" in a few years and Aubrey ... who knows icon_eek.gif.

7-14 three chickens 016.JPG


Have fun and ...

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