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chewy baby back ribs

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2012 - 2nd gen masterbuilt and maverick T- 732. I did the 3-2-1 method and held the temp at 230 deg all the way through the process. I did not have the pull back that I was expecting. Question should I foil them and put them into the oven at 230 deg, till I see the pull back or fall off the bone. Is there an internal temp I should be looking for. They came out quite chewy.

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The Tenderizing happens after the Meat hits 180*F. The time in Foil has the biggest impact on how fast and how far the Connective Tissue breaks down giving the Tender/Fall of the Bone texture. I am one that ignores Pull Back, as whether it is the Smoker, Foiling Juice or Pork I get but I Rarely get any significant Pull Back...JJ

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Have you check the maverick to make sure its reading the temp right ( boil test) .

Baby backs get done faster then spare ribs. go with the 2-2-1 method on baby backs.

thats why I question the temp in the smoker.  Bend test is a good way to see if they are done.

when you foil them did you add some kind of juice to them ? The juice will help steam them . 

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Thanks To all. I did check the maverick when I first bought it, but not this year. When I went to foil I did the bend test, They were stiff. I will put them into the oven, foiled at 240 deg for awhile to get the 180 internal temp. Thanks fro the fast response.

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