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First Pork Sirloin Roast

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This is my 3rd smoke and I am going to try a pork sirloin roast that I cut from a huge pork roll that I bought at Costco. I rubbed it down with mustard and some Weber sweet and smokey rub and put it in the frig overnight. I figured I would try my first split chicken breast as well since I got a good deal on them. I marinated them in some Weber white whine marinade overnight. I figured I would try getting the pork roast up to about 150 cooking it at about 225 and then pulling and wrapping it for a while. I am trying a Missouri Ozarks mix of Hickory, Sasafrass, Wild Cherry and Apple woods. A little windy today so I tried wrapping foil around the bottom of the smoker and it seems to have did the trick.

Ready for the smoker

My Hoosier wind guard and my assistant!

My other assistant!

2 1/2 hours in to it, looking good so far

Seasoned taters getting ready for the oven

Turned out really good,can't wait for next weekend to try something else.

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That all looks great!  Nicely done...



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Pork Rules!!!!


Great looking q-view...thanks for sharing.



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