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Lotsa Q-View From My Converted Stick Burner

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Every year my wife and I do an annual fajita feast for a large group of our friends and yesterday was the majical day. Historically is has always been just mountains of beef and chicken fajitas with all the mandatory side dishes. This year I decided to mix it up with some smoked delectables. The turkey breasts I have been making have been a huge hit so I decided to do some of those and I have been dying to smoke some Tilapia filets per Jeff's recipe, so those were added too. Grand total was 45 people, almost 30 pounds of meat, three kegs of home brew, 15 different side dishes that were brought by friends to help out, and several assorted dessert items.

Here is the incriminating evidence:


Turkey breasts lightly injected and rubbed


Butterball makes all packages the same weight so they have to add giblets to make the weight. Those are great finger food because they cook quickly.


Propane element fired up


We are at temp so it's time to put on some Pecan chunks


The turkey is going nicely.'s a beautiful thing :-)


About 2 1/2 hours into the smoke and the turkey breasts are looking beautiful!!


Breasts and finger food....mmmm


The finger food is done and ready for nibbling. Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy inside. We are really anticipating the big feast now!!


Onto the smoker go a dozen Tilapis filets


15 pounds of beef and chicken fajita meat


One done turkey breast ready for slicing. these came out incredible well!! Everybody loved them.


A couple big piles of beef and chicken fajita meat.


It was a great day folks!! We had a blast and ate a tone of great food. Once again I extend a HUGE thanks to all the great folks here that have provided information and guidance to help me be able to make meals like this. It's a wonderful thing!! drool.gif



Have a great week everybody!!


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Everything looks great, Robert!  That's a nice propane mod in your stick burner.  Very nicely done...



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i have to agree with Red. congratulation_graphics_2.gif

happy smoken.


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drool.gif Glad the smoke went as planned!  Looks yummy!



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