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Food coma ensued after dinner and clean up so the final update is a little late lol.


So to keep the results with the theme of good news/bad news lol...


The good news is that the two butts came out great. Not a big surprise there as I've done about 4 or five pork butt smokes now and and I've got that down pretty well. Or at least down enough that I'm consistently pleased with my results.


The bad news, I was disappointed in the brisket. It was my very first attempt at brisket and I have always heard it's a tough one to get right so I'm not surprised and i will chock it up to a learning experience and a challenge to make it better next time.


Long story short my major screw up was that I left the brisket in too long. I realized when I first temp probed all the meat that the brisket was about 10 degrees ahead of the two butts and knowing that it should come off at 190 for slicing rather than the 195-205 for the butts what I SHOULD have done was put the probe back in the brisket and left it there till that finished then, checked both butts and probed the one that was closest to done until both were finished at the perfect temp. Well, live and learn, I didn't do that and instead of the brisket being pulled out at 190 it was all the way up to 207.


So when I tried to slice it it just was not happenning and started falling apart. So, even though I wanted sliced brisket I had to go with pulled brisket. I also had problems trying to figure oit which side to even try slicing it from and maybe that was also part of the problem? Who knows. next time maybe I'll get a 4lb flat instead or one of each.


Anyways, here's the plated pic.

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Looks awesome! And ain't nothing wrong with pulled brisket :)
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Ah to heck with that crab apple of a neighbor. Keep up the cooking, its looking good.

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Originally Posted by Kevin James View Post

Update. Good news and bad news.

The good news: Four hours in and the briskie is at 165 and the two butts are both right around 160. Looking like dinner time of 6 is going to be no problem at all. Might even finish early?

Here's an updated pic on the smoker

And the bad news:

So I have 2 new neighbors, one right across from me (a husband and wife) and one directly above me (two guy room mates)..They both moved in in the last 2 weeks. I talked to the one across from me a few days ago and he and his wife LOVE BBQ and he loves to grill so I won't be having any problems with him. I talked to one of the new neighbors thats directly above me a few minutes ago and told him what I'm doing and asked if it bothered him and was surprised he said yes, it does. So I told him if it bothers him enough to let me know and I'll stop the smoke. He left though so and his roommate is also gone so I'm certainly not stopping right now. It's not even puting a ton of smoke out and the guy was kind of a DB. But hey... what are you gonna do lol

You're such a nice guy for asking. I wouldn't have, however, maybe offering them a plate will soothe their anti-smoke attitudes! Good luck!! Keep the photos coming; I got rained out today and I'm feelin a bit itchy, twitchy!!!
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