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Help with unanswered threads ????

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For those members, that would like to help members that have unanswered threads....


In the BAR at the top of the page, "MOUSE" over the "Forums" link, and a drop down menu will appear.....  The menu header is displayed below.....   these are directories to link to.....   The unanswered directory is one that helps members get their questions answered...  with the increased number of threads and posts, at times, the threads move pretty rapidly until they are down several pages and can get put out of sight and shuffled to the "please don't forget me" piles.....   Checking this directory every couple days, or daily, will help all members get their questions answered and keep their threads out of the "forgotten" pile......  


If you would like to help, please do so......    Dave  





Forums|New Posts|Hot|Unanswered|I've Posted

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Nice touch Dave the Links above are a great idea...JJ

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Actually i noticed this last week and have done just that....good idea

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I try to make it there a couple times a week and help where I can.
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Thanks, Dave, for pointing it out.  I hadn't noticed that link.  A good idea to make sure members needing help don't get overlooked.



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I know it has helped big time in Roll Call....and I do appreciate the guys pitching in and helping us there.  Threads are coming fast.  Gotta keep up!



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Bumping this up...


This is something I've been doing with every visit to SMF since I first saw this function/link appear on the header...I don't even remember how long ago that was...long time now. Even if I can't offer a clear and concise answer, just posting something on the thread to bump it up can usually get someone else' attention who may have a better answer than I can offer, and that's whole intention...getting others to read it and reply so more input can be gathered to help the member get back on track and headed towards success.




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Bumping for new members that may not be aware of this feature........   



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