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Smoked Fried Chicken! W/ Q-View

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  lightly salted and peppered chicken and smoked @ 260 degrees until it reached 165



No Boys, your doggy chicken isn't done yet!


Getting ready for it's cold butter milk and egg bath


Seasoned flower bath


...smoked to perfection and fried up tasty...Smoked Fried Chicken!  Enjoy because this is soooooo good!

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Wow!  That looks, and sounds, amazing!  This is definitely going on the "to do" list.



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Looks great!!!!

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Looks great !!!!

We love smoked fried chicken icon14.gif

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Looks really good.


Korean fried chicken is similar. Well not really,but its a two part cooking method. They fry it in oil at a lower oil temp then they pull it and let it rest for ten minutes or more. Then the chicken is fried again in hotter oil. Any flavoring or sauce it applied afterwards. The breading is extremely light and can contain beer or vodka if it is a wet batter. The use of the alcohol or the carbonated alcohol is along the lines that it evaporates faster than water leaving a crispier lighter skin. I have a friend whose Dad is Hispanic and his mom is Korean (talk about some great food coming out of that kitchen). I've watched her make the chicken and it is fantastic.

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doesnt that make it over done? i would think you smoke it to a lower temp then fry it to finish.

just a question not a dig. sounds awesome other wise

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Great meal... you guys, very Yummo looking.


That wiil be a good addition to my see food diet...ROTF.gif

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