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Beef eye round roast

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I found a couple of beef eye round roasts on sale at the local Food Lion, and thought they would be about the right size for a small family dinner (just under 2lbs each).


I put a quick dry rub on it, with garlic powder, A1 dry rub and Slap Ya Mama, both sides, then wrapped it in bacon


I moved it out to the "Oklahoma Joe" smoker and hooked her up to the meat thermometer


I used oak and maple wood, keeping the smoker around 225*, and it took about 4 hours to bring the roast up to 155* internal



After it came off, I foiled it, wrapped it in a towel and let it rest three hours, while I prepped the fixins


From our garden last year, canned potatoes and green beans 


Dippin sauce, with onions and mushrooms


Oven roasted potatoes, and a little more bacon in the beans


Grilled corn on the cob


Decent smoke ring, not a lot of bark with the maple wood


Finished product of the days labors. No complaints, and no leftovers police2.gif

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Great Post----Looks mighty tasty!!!!


My favorite part "No complaints, and No leftovers".




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241.png  Look'n good

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That looks very good, well done

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Good looking supper! Nice color on your meat....perfect!

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Man, that looks good!  Easy to see why there were no leftovers....



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Looks great. I always wanted to try a roast. Now i think i will. 

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