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When to Harvest Onions and Garlic

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Last October, I reached for a head of garlic for cooking and found the ones I had were getting a bit dried out. I took the best head remaining (after I minced what I needed from a different one) and broke the cloves apart. I then stuck then in a large clay pot using the old '3 times the size for depth' rule of thumb. To my surprise, every one of them sprouted. I don't know how long it takes them to mature; so I don't know when to dig them up. I don't want to dig them too early and waste them. I read somewhere that you wait for the tops to turn brown and wilt then harvest them.

At the same time, I took a 10-15 sweet onion that was sprouting in the bin and broke it into its natural divisions and planted them in a clay pot. I remember noting that this was on the 17th. This variety was developed at Texas A&M (I think) and was named for the date on which sets should be planted, but I don't know when to harvest. I have several that sprouted and have now shot flowers or seeds or whatever the pods are called. When should I dig them up?

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popcorn.gif Howdy Rabbit!  Been Missing ya!  Anyhoo...I am in too...planted some onions this week. 



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RH, morning...  Hardneck garlic....  The lower leaves will start to turn brown....  I will dig when there are 4 good green leaves... usually in July...  Peel the outer skins, on the garlic head, down to the 4 green layers and hang to dry...  leave the roots and green stems intact.... that aids in drying....  Onions.....  When the onion starts swell and has 9-14 leaves, turn off  the water... in a week or three, dig and dry..... 

There is good info in this link.....   Dave

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Thank you DaveO....this is my 1st attempt at onions.....will remember this!  Have heard they taste better "home grown".



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Kat, I have found that to be true.... all veggies taste better.... especially asparagus....   Which reminds me.... It's time to wander the fence rows for wild asparagus...  I'll get pics when I do....     Dave

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Thanks, Dave!

Sorry to be so long in responding. Haven't been able to put in as much time on forums lately, but I really do appreciate the response.
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