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Master Forge temp. issue.

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Here's my dilemma . I purchased a 2 door master forge smoker from Lowes.

sealed it . and noticed temp guage hovered around 175 never higher.

Since the unit was warm I assumed Thermometer was faulty. They are sending me another.

I run the unit with no chip box or water pan and thermometer rises to 400 in ten minutes

i lower temp on knob and temps drop like they should.

I look at water pan and realize there is nowhere around it for hot air to rise.

My next move is to replace water pan with cast iron skillet.

On sale at Lowes convenintly right across aisle from smoker.

fits like a glove and there is space at each corner for hot air to rise.

Sorry for rambling on . I tried to get all details. btw they are also sending me a new flame assembly also.



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Fill the water pan with sand or pea gravel and cover with foil it makes the temp more stable and easier to control i done this in my Smoke Hollow and couldn't be happier

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Fill with sand or pea gravel I assume you still fill with water when you use it does it require refilling the water more often?
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If you are using a CI pan, you've already got the Mass for heat retention .Usi ti for a flavor kickwith a bit of Beer , whiskey , or some thing else. Is a great place for chips... or an AMNPS.


Have a greate weekkend and remember our Heros. 

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No water with sand or gravel. Do yourself a favor and go to ( a sponsor here ) and buy an accurate term. I suggest the maverick ET732. Here is a link to some mods I have done to my MF.
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