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Smoked chicken

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 I smoked this bird today, injected with lemon pepper marinade, sprinkled with my rub and sat in the fridge all night. Put it in a 225 electric smoker for three hours till internal temp hit 165. Was smoked with cherry. I took just a small taste to check it. WOW, I'll never put another bird in my oven. Since I'm a newbie and can't post pic's yet I'll put a link so you all can check it out. This is my second time smoking. My first was bearcarvers Final Smoked Salmon recipe and it was great. Here's the bird link:



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Looks great!



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Nice Golden Brown Chick, Greg!!!


Looks Mighty Tasty!!!




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Your chicken looks perfect! Whats next?

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 Thank you bearcarver. I grabbed a taste when I pulled it out of the smoker and could not believe how good it was banana_smiley.gif 

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  I'm thinking maybe some smoked Italian sausage. Anyone ever smoked any of those. I'm up for anything to try while I'm learning.

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