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Hi all I was thinking of getting the igrill since I have a iPhone but just wondering is it worth getting I would just like it for temp of my smoker mostly and is there any other good ones out there for temp
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If you put Igrill in the handy search bar you'll find many threads such as this:
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I really wouldn't recommend this at all.  The accuracy and range is fine, but it's more of a problem with the app.  THe app shuts off every time that you go to another applicaiton (say you want to play music while you are cooking or look up a recipe).  Most of the cool features like the temp graphing is then lost.  The connection is troublesome as well.  Pairing is difficult, and then if you decide to switch it to anotehr device, it's almost impossible.  


THey need to make some upgrades before I could recommend this, especially at the price.  Some of those upgrades should be relatively simple and I don't understand why they haven't already been implemented.     

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