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Pork Butt

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So I got a 10lb'r from the butcher Thursday




Trimmed the fat cap




Rubbed it down




Wrapped it and put in the fridge




It sat there for 24 hours, didn't want to keep it in the rub that long but I was at work all day so no way to get it out.


Put in on the smoker last night at 8:30




Had a few cocktails with friends and went to bed around midnight....6am I checked my Mav and it was at 161 in the stall.  Been that way for the last 3 hours.  More pics to come

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Interesting color. Just the Pic? Does not look like it has seen much heat. What temp are you smoking at?...JJ

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

Interesting color. Just the Pic? Does not look like it has seen much heat. What temp are you smoking at?...JJ
Looks like its the pic of when he put it on. If not you're right doesn't look like its had any heat.
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That was the pic of when I put it on last night....haven't opened it since.  Bout to put some ribs on so I will get the updated pics.  I'm past the stall I think at 176 and its been cooking at a steady 225 for 13.5 hours now.

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Lookin' good, keep us posted...



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Whew!  The old saying goes...if you are looking you are not cooking!  I'm in for the ride too!


Kat popcorn.gif

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Got some loin back ribs out ready to rub




And on the smoker...butt is at 178 and looking good.




Coming along.....

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That butt is looking good!!!! Can't wait to see everything all finished up.
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Progressing nicely...110.gif



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Looking good!!!!  Butt looks muuuuuch better!  Yummers!



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Thanks all...progressing pretty good.  Ribs going into the foil.  Butt is at 190.



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Any updates? 



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Beautiful work!  Looks good from here.

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Sorry guys....you know how it is once the guests arrive, mayhem.  I pulled the butt out at 200, at 2:30.  So it was a 18 hour cook.  Was expecting 20 so got done a bit early.  I towel wrapped it and put it into the ice chest for awhile and finished the ribs 3-2-1 style.  It all came out fantastic, used that finishing sauce from soflaquer and that was awesome.  I got a pic of a rib but got sidetracked with the pulled pork....




Next time I gotta get a plated pic.  Anyways, thanks for riding with me.

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Those ribs look great!



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