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Question on a tri-tip

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Picked up a two pack of tri-tips tonight at Costco. I opened the package to stick one in the freezer and I went ahead and rubbed the other one down with Jeff's rub. My question is: should I have waited to apply the rub since I plan on smoking it Sunday night? Even though the rub doesn't contain much salt I am worried about drawing too much moisture since the rub will be on for basically 3 days before I smoke it. The meat should be alright, right? I've never smoked this cut before so I don't want to ruin my first attempt before I even really get started.
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If you wrapped it the small amount of moisture that the salt draws will be reabsorbed adding flavor and a bit of tenderizing. The long contact with the Rub spices will make for a great flavor. Have no worries...JJ

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It is wrapped and in the fridge! Thanks a bunch for the reassurance. I really appreciate all the advice, tips, recipes, and support you find on this forum, such a wonderful place!
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You're Welcome. We are Glad to have you here as well...JJ

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