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Finally Starting My Build!

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Alright guys, after asking a few questions on here, and getting a lot of help from Dave(thx Dave), I finally have a small window of opportunity to work on the pit.  I basically have a some free time off of work during the evenings and weekends.  I have about a month before our busy season picks back up, and then I will be out of state and working non-stop.  I'll post pics as soon as I get something done. Basic info on pit is 5ft long by 36" pipe.  Will be a trailer build. May be slow but I promise I will update if I get something done! Any input/suggestions are welcome!

Here is Dave's drawing that he drew for me!

Pulled the 8' section of pipe out of the rain this afternoon( yes I said rain, that foreign stuff that never falls in Kansas)


3' of the pipe has been claimed for a wood stove build by my boss. The remaining 5' is mine. Got the plasma cutter out and made my cut.


On the way home tonight, I picked up a 36" end cap. Thanks to my father!

Well that is my start so far. Plan on doing a little work on it during the day, but mainly the weekends!

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Looks like you got a heck of a cooker plan. Marking to keep coming back and see how it comes a long.

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Got the cap welded, grinded and door cut!
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ok.. I'm in... cheers.gif
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Originally Posted by JckDanls 07 View Post

ok.. I'm in... cheers.gif

Me Too Keith.beercheer.gif

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Looks like you got a good start going KBH... whereabouts in KS are you located?

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Chuck: About 20 min nw of Wichita. Didn't have time today to work on it but hopefully tomorrow
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Ah, I was at the zoo in Wichita today with the family... is it bad that I see certain animals and think how they'd taste smoked?! I wish I could work on mine more often but life/work is demanding and I've barely gotten started with just a couple partial days over several weeks... and months of planning. Looking forward to the rest of your build man...

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Got a few things done today, gotta head to florida for work on Monday, so slow go after this.

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Been a very successful but busy work year. Had little time to devote to pit. Have had it done for awhile now though. Sitting in an airport waiting on a plane so I have a chance to update.

I want to give a huge thanks to Dave for helping me with the numbers and calculations, and everyone else on the site for there help and pictures as well. The pit runs great and I couldn't ask for more! Still need to blast and paint it once work slows down. Will probably be building a patio version for m father in law this fall!
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Good Job   Looks great


Gary S

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Very nice build. Looks like you have created a family heirloom and BBQ smiles for years to come. 

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