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I couldn't wait... I stayed home from work today to smoke meat.

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I made up a batch of Jeff's rub and put it on loin chops last night and simply tossed them in the oven.  They were great.  So I was going to use the remainder of the loin and smoke it this weekend when I had some time.

Instead, I took the day off work. beercheer.gif


Here's the Before:


I'll post the rest after a few hours have gone by and all the good smoke has been leaked out of the wood I put in my SFB stick-burner.


Remainder of the loin I didn't cook.  All rubbed up and ready for the 'farr'




I had lots of rub. Hee Hee...  Rib rub goes on Ribs right? yahoo.gif



I tossed in an extra pan just for kicks...


No really, that's where I'm putting a mixture of water and apple juice which I'll later use to baste the ribs.  It works dang it.  You get more smokey goodness from the basting water/juice being in the smoker the whole time.  Plus you get the added benefit of temp regulation.  Sorta.grilling_smilie.gif



OK.  I'll check back in a few hours to see how we're doing.

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Looks good!
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Looking good

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Count me in today!  popcorn.gif



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Loin slicing very nice after cool down.

Now all that's left is to set the finishing glaze on the ribs.

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looks great and a good way to spend a day off of work

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Glad we are getting to share in your "sick day" and play time!  Looks great!





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It's amazing how many calls and emails I still fielded while "off" work though.
Regardless, I didn't have to wait on the weekend. :)
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Your ribs are looking great!!! Making me hungry!!!
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Man that all looks mighty tasty!  Nice job...bravo.png

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Very nice....Ribs look fantastic!!!  Great job!!

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So wide did you put your loin in a pan but yet put the ribs directly on the grate?

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Ahhh! Another call outta work sick cooking event.


"KUDOS" my friend!


Does wonders for the stress, doesn't it!

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It sure did SQWIB...  Stess balls don't have anything on playing hooky. :)


And irishpride, I have no excuse.  I just did it.  

Actually, every time I put a loin on the grate directly, I lose some to the loin sticking.  And what's worse is the part I lose is the good crunchy part.

So I use a pan and it gets smoked enough that way.  I just got it to temp and took it out to rest.  It came out really good.

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