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help please on stack placement of RF patio build

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Hi all smokers, im tinkering with a build of a patio smoker which i built out of an old grill/height/400
Im wanting to try it as a reverse flow i have tuning plates that i can push together and make it RF easily i think. I have a question as to what everyone thinks on this idea and if the the location of the chimney will be ok or does it need to be in the middle? Any thoughts and suggestions will be very appreciated.
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I would put the exhaust stack below the pie vent, in the flat section of the hood... directly above the firebox...  oyou will need a 90 deg ell, but you knew that.....   Dave

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Yes, that was what i was wondering but the stack i built with the 90 that i trimmed as short as i could will not fit there and the door fof the FB still open but if thats where it needs to be ill redesign the stack to fit or mod the FB door. So i was wondering what everyones thought of placement had to do with how well it works. Thanks Dave for your input.
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Make the door smaller so the door will miss the stack....

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Hey, I just looked at the pic...   Don't open the door all the way....  Dave

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I would put it in place of the pie vent on that end.  If you  are going to use it as a smoker you are not going to need that vent which was used when the unit functioned as a grill.  Put it there in the middle designed so that it does not interfere with the firebox door.  Just my .02 worth. 

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I was thinking that but i also know there are conflicts as to it being closer to grate level. I don't be know as to what teh real difference is but hope that maybe somebody can give me their thoughts on that. Thank you Weedeater do you have any ideas on the lower stack placement.
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I would extend it down into the cook chamber to as close to grate level as  I could.  This will cut down a little on your usable grill space so you might have to compromize some on the height.   With the design of the grill your stack will be moving everytime you open the door so you will have to keep the grill area clear that would interfere with opening and closing.  Might want to try taking it straight down next to the inside wall of the smoker to keep it from taking up more grill space than necessary.  Might even consider changing to a rectangle size stack to take up less grill space.  Just my thoughts.

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I would really like to keep it on the outside of th box as i don't mind doing modifications to the FB lid to make it work if it won't be desirable for it to be located to the rear of the side i'm also planning on cutting a door in the front of the lid to keep from opening the full lid other than for ease of cleaning so i guess you confirmed my thought on the placement and ill start working on the FB to make room for the lid to open or fab a new one that opens on the end. I also plan on putting a skin on the top and sides of the lid where the pie vents are located. Thanks again Weedeater for the info.
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