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4-Pork Butts in the snow with Q-Views

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Hello all and welcome to spring. It's still snowing in sunny Minnesota so I thought I would fill the freezer back up with pulled pork. Put two on my MES30 and two on my Big Red Kamado kooker....

Sam's had pork butts for $1.29 per pound so I decided to smoke four. Rubbed them with

Jeff's rub this time around two day before I put them in the smoker. Injected them with a mix

of apple juice and rum. 25% rum and 75% apple juice. 31.25 lbs. of beauty. biggrin.gif

Here is on of the four injected and seasoned up ready for the smoker. I started the first two below

 at 8 pm Friday night so they would be done around noon or so on Saturday.


The snow and sleet was fighting me so I used the great American duct tape and made

a roof to cover the electronics.Workde like a charm. Beer time now.


Put the other two on the smoker at 5 am. Saturday morning. Snow isn't going to stop us.

Used a make shift chimney cover after shoveling the driveway. Seemed to work keeping

the snow and sleet from entering the kooker. Now we have 31.25 pounds of pork butts

on the smoker..I should have gone snomobiling for awhile..............Snowmobile.gif



I stopped by the Amaze-N Products company and picked up a new tube smoker and

more pellets for my smokers. Check out this site if you want to get a pellet smoker

that works great in the MES30 smoker. See the tube smoker above. 

The pellets burn once lit for two hours in this six inch smoker  up

to 4 hours in the 12" and 6 hours in the 18" version. Here is the web site for you.

Here is the other variation that Todd sells. See below.



Here is the Amaze-N-Pellet smoker. My go-to for trouble free smoke. Many flavors

of pellets available. Check out Todds site for more info. Here is my unit with the home

made frame and cover I made from foil. Keeps the drippings from falling into the pellets

while smoking.


Here is my pellet Amaze-N pellet smoker with the foil roof. When you live in Minnesota

you need to put roofs on every damn thing...Lol. OK, back to the pork butts.


I bought these two very accurate meat temperature gauges from Amaze-N products too.

$10 bucks each and can also be used as a timer. NIce for when you want to smoke

lots of meat at once.


Two of the butts are getting really close to 200° now. Getting ready to foil them and cooler them

for an hour or so.


A close up shot when they came off the smoker....Smoking gold...this ain't Spam...diespam.gif


I made the finishing sauce below and put it in the pulled pork below. Mixed it all in and

it became very happy. I usually let it sit overnight in the fridge, cooler or cold below 40°

cooler and let the freshly pulled pork marry with the finishing sauce and get all flavorfull

before hitting the freezer.


I took a finishing sauce recipe from this site and added some spices and decreased

the vinegar to make a much better finishing sauce in my opinion. Try it, it's very good.

1cup Apple Cider Vinegar

2cups of apple juice

2T Worcestershire Sauce or more to taste

1/4cup brown sugar

1/4 cup honey

1/3 cup of Yoshida's cooking marinade

2T butter

1T Smoked Paprika

2 tsp Granulated Garlic

2 tsp Granulated Onion

2 tsp Fine Grind Black Pepper

1 tsp Celery seed

1 tsp Cayenne Pepper (optional if you don't like heat)

1/2 tsp Grnd Allspice

1 tsp sea salt or table salt

The freezer is filled back up with pork! Thanks for looking RTBBQ.........grilling_smilie.gif





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  A nice smoke! Four butts is a lot of pulled pork! It looks good.



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Looks great...................icon14.gif

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