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My first ribs

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Hi everyone


As i mentioned yesterday ive been smoking some ribs today and wanted to show you how im getting on.


Im using the 3-2-1 method.


Here are the ribs after i applied the rub.





I then smoked them for 3 hours with hickory and here they are before i wrapped them in foil with apple juice.







Ive now wrapped them and put them on for another 2 hours, Ive got some chicken wings to put on for the last hour and a half as well.


Ill show you how they look when i un foil them before adding bbq sauce and putting back in for the final hour.



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Making me hungry first thing today!  Looking Good!



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what Kat said.

happy smoken.


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Ok so my ribs have come out of the tin foil and i have covered them in BBQ sauce and put back in for another hour.


The rain is playing havoc with my temps though :-(






Oh and the wings are on as well icon14.gif






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happy smoken.


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Did you put a little liquid in the foil when you wrapped?
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Looking Good! One of my favorite meals, ribs and wings!

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That looks outstanding, Wayne!  Tasty looking ribs and wings!  bravo.png

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Hey, nice job on those.  Looks really good!

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Hi geerock, yes i did, i pt apple juice in them.


Here they are when they were finished.







These ribs were really quite incredible, and the most exciting thing is they were the first ribs ive ever smoked so they can only get better.


My family absolutely loved them which made me happy of course. 


I can quite honestly say this smoker was the best thing ive ever bought in terms of cooking food and with so many rubs, marinades and sauces available plus the help of al you lovely people things are only going to get better and i for one cant wait drool.gif . so im gonna say a big thank you to you guys for reading my posts and looking at my pics and a big BD.gif to myself as im off to enjoy the rest of my birthday dinner with my family, Im sure i will speak to you guys tomorrow.


Im looking forward to my brisket Q view but i have to build up to that :-)



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drool.gifWell Done, they look great

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Well, sure looks like you're hooked on your new addiction.  Glad to hear it.


Happy BD and nice job. 

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