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How is the best way to thred casings

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I have tried 3 separate times now to thred 19mm sheep casings on my 3/8" stuffer tube. I fight to rinse the insides and is impossible for me to get them on the tube. What is the secret???

Thankfully I have collagen casings on hand.

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I hold one end under the sink faucet until water finds its way in like a balloon. Then let the water flow out and hang on to the end and try to start it on your tube. Freshly wet helps a lot but sometimes those sheep casings are small. A couple hour soak helps as well.

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I take the faucett areator off and replace it with a water balloon filler adaptor!  Rinse casing well and let them soak at least a couple of hours.  I dont try to get all the water out of them since i discovered it helps thread them on tube!  Also sometimes just a little meat of what u are stuffing on end of tube helps!

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I fuss, kick, rant, cuss, scream and grind my teeth till I open one of those little buggers up... I try to get the casing to lay on my fingers like the end of a trumpet horn. and push with my finger down the casing to try to separate it and open it. If that doesn't work you will need a lot of patience.....

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All of the above methods are good things to do. i just gave up on using those small size sheep casings. I usualy rinse the casings as stated above and leave them soak overnight for best results on all natural casings. The last sheep casings i used was the 20 mm size for dogs and some beef sticks. Even though i dont like using sheep casings at least these are workable for me. The size of the sticks are bigger but doesn't matter, they all get eaten. Reinhard

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all of the above. i hold the funnel unger running water then thread the casing on while the water is opening it up.

sticks look great.

happy smoken.


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If ya really want to end the hassle of it... buy preflushed tubed casings ...worth every penny extra for me..


Look at packaging options and the preflushed tubed is there..







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You might try doing the flushing , etc. as offered from the folks. Then place a bowl of cold water near your stuffer.Open the starting end  submerge that end so that you pickup water into the casing. Thread that end on to the tube.( Also splash a little water on to the tube ) Stuff the casing until it seems to be dragging again. .Repeat the casing dunking  again if needed .The water in the casing will not change the meat mixture unless it is very loose ( air space ) I have also tried a very small amount of olive or vegetable oil on the tube and mixed with the water.

   Also be sure your casing is on the tube straight and not twisted. Bottom line keep the outside of tube lubricated and inside casing like wise.I used very fine sand paper to remove burrs and taper the receiving end of the tube. Either plastic or metal.

Hope this helps.Happy SM Weisswurst

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The way I read your responses...........the majority have the same problem I'm having. What a PIA!!!! I used collagen on my last batch and......well.........the casings are a little I will try my sheep casings again..........only soak overnite.  If I don't whip it this time........I will try the pre-flushed.

Thanks guys


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