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I'll give it a shot, Smoke N! The wife is having her 3 sisters here from Pittsburgh for a couple days next week (omg) and it's been "requested" that I try to fit 3 racks of St. Louis style into that thing. I'll keep you posted :-)
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Will this work, Smoke N? Bigger holes?Wet wood or dry
? I know it's not round but it's 8" and I can also use them for poppers.
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Quit throwing money away on cheap smokers, like the Masterbuilt.  Invest $400 on a Weber WSM 22".  It is the best smoker on the market under $400.  It is very easy to control your temp and extremely well built.  I also have a Smoke Vault propane smoker, which is much better than Masterbuilts,  and I much prefer using my WSM charcoal over a my propane.  Food just taste better too using a charcoal smoker.

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Ok, Smoke N, I couldn't wait 'til next week! We decided to make some beer can burgers and ABTs today. I tried your foil trick and got a LOT of smoke (not the thin blue kind I'm used to). Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I used dry wood, not soaked. I got about 45 minutes of smoke....
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I had this problem too- I contacted Masterbuilt and they figured out it was  a bad regulator and sent me a new one ASAP. No charge and super fast response time. Very Impressed with MB customer service. Now my smoker works perfectly and I had the best ribs last night!

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In my experience clouds of smoke are (using my method) I have too much of the pan over the heat. I slide the pan about 1/2 way over the burner until I get solid smoke, I then pull all but the edge of the pan away from the burner to get a nice continual wisp of smoke. I always use dry wood. I hope this helps.

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