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I hope I am home enough this month to try get in this one!
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Ooh, the epic variety of this TD shall be awesome! I've out been out of TD's a few months for work so I hope to make this one!

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The theme is great!  This'll be my first attempt in the throwdown.

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i missed on the salad TD but this in in the must do. im a chili head,. and im not passing up on a pepper TD!  just wish it was in sept when i had garden peppers. like the jolokias. but ill make due.

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Wheels are turning BIGTIME!!  Might just have to make this my first throwdown  nana2.gif

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Time to break my pepper!  This will be my first throwdown, can't wait!

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Wow there were a whole lot of great Prizes for the N. Fl Gathering! Can't wait to see the Great Prizes that the rest of us can win for this Throwdown! It's nice that the Sponsors are so willing to step up for all of us that support them!...JJ

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Updated the original post with prizes.
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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

Updated the original post with prizes.

Very Nice, Brian! Thank You for your efforts and I will be submitting Todd for Sainthood...bravo.png...JJ

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pictures submitted! this was my first one and had a good time with it!

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It's on! Cant wait to see what everyone came up with!

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ugh. had all the stuff. missed it.icon_redface.gif

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Originally Posted by big game cook View Post

ugh. had all the stuff. missed it.icon_redface.gif

you still have till end of day today

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lol. i seen 4/30 on the  date and thought i missed it lmao. it was early in the morning hit.gif thanks. im on it right now. SWEET!

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be sending mine in just a few. nothing like the last minute lol.

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