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April Throwdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This months theme will be .......................................................

Your dish has to have peppers in it somehow. It can be the main item or part of a dish. Now you can't use a little ground black pepper in a dish and consider it good.

If you have any questions please let me know.

I can't wait to see this one unfold. It will run until end of day 4/30/13

The rules are the same and available HERE.

Code Word: PepperHead

The prizes this month are:

Maverick ET732 donated by TJohnson at

And we will also have a $50 giftcard for Amazon.

Please submit all entries to me by the end of the day on 4/30/2013. Please email all entries to

Good Luck everyone. Now get those wheels turning.
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Hot Pepper, Sweet Pepper it doesn't matter but it has to be a real pepper

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Love this theme!!! you guys are good!

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Already have a few good ideas for this going. Might be hard to participate this month though with moving though.

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Hmmmm got to think over this one.......but sounds fun.....

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This looks to be good...

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I'm a pepper,  your a pepper  who wants to be a pepper to,,,,,,, pepsi.gif      sorry just had to say it.roflmao.gif


 Looks fun can't wait to see all the entries. Good luck to all.

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Your'e showing your agepot.gif

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Originally Posted by Sound1 View Post

Your'e showing your agepot.gif

OOPS never thought of that oh well

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Im new to this forum, and this is a sweet idea to get you ththinking
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  sixgun. welcome. Click on the link for the RULES  That should clear it up some. Feel free to join in!




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I know this sounds like a dumb question but does the final result have to have a smoked item? I.e. smoked steak stuffed with red peppers?

Or can any other dish enter?
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Oops forget that! I found the rules :)
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i'm in!! :)

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Let's, I love peppers and I love smokin'...I might get in on this one? I've got some real good ideas (Usually they're just voices!).
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hey dried stick....wouldnt you like to be a pepper too? lol

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Hmmmmmm. Gonna have to do a little thinking.
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hmmm...I'm looking forward to this one!

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What an excellent way to practice with the new smoker.  I'm in!!!  

Should be an epic battle. jk.gif

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