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Mes 30 trouble

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Started a brisket this morning.  The element and light is staying on all the time and just wont get to temp.  It is now at 220 after 2 hours.  I see the rewiring threads but that is usually for a completly dead unit.  Mine is just not getting hot all the way.  Any ideas what the problem could be.  I hope I can get the brisket to 165 then I will wrap it and put it in the oven to finish.  I do have my et-732 to double check the temps.  No wind and is 40degrees outside now.  Never had an issue before.


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Extension cord??


Did it take a long time to get to 220, or did it get to 220 like it always did, & get stuck there. (could be wiring or controller)


How big is the Brisket?




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It took over two hours to get their.  I have it set at 250 to keep it running.


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Are you using a water pan with water in it ??  If so, remove the water.....



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