Brisket on the MES

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I'm interested in your methods for brisket on your MES.  General time per pound of course  But also would like to here of your success with mops and whats in em. And also the all important rub. Do you use water in the unit with brisket?  Perhaps you dont keep the water in for the entire cook?  What about foil wrap? How do ya get that bark? Do you prefer a trimmed or packer trim beef? 

It's easter weekend. Which is a bad time for me to experiment...  But I'd like you HOs on the subject. 



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slow and low. 165. 8 hours. pre-soak chips in apple cider vinagar and or water one hour. Fill chip pan full once. done overnight. close vent. enjoy... GATOR

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I know ..old thread..but how did the brisket turn out? What was your method etc..?

Im a rookie and trying to learn as much as possible.



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Hi Don

You're correct this is and on thread. I've cooked many on the MES  Take a look at my profile for some MES brisket instructions.  b