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First smoke on my XL. Chicken breast and baby back ribs. While good, need to play with it a bit, especially as I had too little smoke at the front end. Had wrapped the chip pan with foil, covered the vents on the pan and used chunks of wood vs chips. Think I'll try adding lava rocks to the water pan and getting it hot enough up front to get the chunks really smoking. Love the space, though, after moving up from a bullet-type smoker.

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I have a masterbuilt xl propane and it works great. Excellent for the price, I've cooked large and small portions of meat, overnight smokes, always plenty of room. I do cold smokes, jerky, high temp smokes (pizzas) and works very well for everything and large yields of food. I only had one bad experience with the chip pan sitting too low caused the flame to burn and leave a lot of soot. I've fixed that and no problems since. I don't soak my wood anymore and I've only used chips so far, and an AMNPS. For long smokes I usually fill up the AMNPS with pellets and dont need to mess with it for 8 hours at a time (plus you can cold smoke with it, if you haven't get one and try smoking cheese!). The maverick is GREAT! I live on the 2nd floor and would run up and down 500 times to check temps, now I can set alarms and know what my temp is 100% of the time.



- Great value

- Great to learn on, easy to use

- Adjustable racks

-  A lot of cooking space

- Great design for the most part

- A few simple / cheap mods and it works amazingly

- Easy to clean



- Inaccurate door thermometer gauge ( use maverick )

- Original paint chips easily ( keep seasoned with oil, use cover, or repaint with high temp grill paint )

- Replace water pan ( too small ) I use a full shallow hotel pan

- Chip pan needs to be foiled every use or replaced. ( many use a 12" skillet and set it on top of the original chip pan, or on top of a grill wok) Original pan sits too low on burner / chips catch on fire and doesn't burn clean.

- No smokestack. Adding a chimney to the top helps air circulation ( easy to do and only costs about $13+s&h, check the link below and you'll find details )

- with low temps sometimes my flame would blow out ( made a wind shield to go around the bottom, no problems since )


It's really a great smoker. There's a page here all about modifications people have done to this smoker that can be super helpful. Good luck and happy smoking!

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