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Where I think my problem lies is the fact my doors are not cut up as high as everyone elses and with the doors being as heavy as they are I don't want to chance them coming down even with counter weights. The doors on that build Len are cut almost to the horizon. Mine are cut 12 inches in front of the horizon so when you open it a 1/3 of the door is pushed against the tank.

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BB, Afternoon..... It doesn't matter where the door is cut....  The counter weight and door, in relation to where the hinges are, is the determining factor when balance comes into play.....  

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The top of my door opening is 3" front of TDC of the smoker. The hinge pins are centered. Like Dave said it does not matter. Just open them to where you want when unloading. Get some cardboard to make a temlet and lay it out. Then close the door and make sure the weight is behind the hinge point. Mine is a few inches behind. It has a little weight when you firt start to open it, but falls back when you reach the halfway point. I got lucky and it worked out with the first templet. I had plenty of cardboard ready though just in case. Remember you can load the pipe up to add weight if needed.

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BigBoy you could try my method. Check it out on my build. If you have any questions let me know. I laid them out differently but they're very similar to rasimmo and they look cool when open.




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Newbie I don`t think so...Really nice build !

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Well the beast is pretty much in the bag. Just need to get some weight in the front of it and put a sink/work station on the front of the trailer but I want to see what will work best once I get working with it. Tomorrow I will put the thermostats in place and fire it up to oil up the warmer box and cooking chamber.


The goods!



First coat, there was a one foot clearance from the top of the stack to the top of the paint booth.



And the final end! It is 1000 degree paint on the warmer and fire boxes along with the cooking chamber. The tank, fenders, wood box and rims are a Urethane paint.


This has been an adventure and I am glad to have any advice for sink and prep stations for the front of the trailer :)

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"Check out my weights on my build.  I got the idea frim Dragons Breath and they work perfect.  I used a 2" square tube (because I had it and didn't have to buy), and I then filled it with a piece of 1-3/4" round solid stock.  I simply built the weights 1" wider then the doors and put the solid stock in them.  Fortunately it was absolutely perfect.  Now my 60# doors weigh about 3-5 lbs.  And they stay up when opened.  I cut a template of the radius of the tank, put it on a piece of 1/4"plate, went from 3"wide at the tank end to 1-1/2" and 24" in length.  I attached them as high up on the tank as I could.


As for your racks....I used a 1" thin wall tubing covered with a3/4" shaker screen I picked up from the scrap metal yard for 60 cents a pound.  They are way strong.


Your build is looking good.


I, like Dragons Breath, used toggle clamps (500# ers) I just bought 10 more of them for $4.80 each, with shipping they came to $5.68.  lowes wanted $24.68 each special order for the same clamps.

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We have just an awfully rainy spring here and finally able to fire her up. Holds beautiful at 225 with a slight 10 degree difference from the front area.

Didn't get a picture of the brisket that has been on for six hours now. Will snap a pic at noon to show I and the butts. The butt by itself I am trying a Mexican style theme. I made a taco style rub and injected it with adobo sauce and chipotle peppers that I cut with apple juice. Guess we will find out!
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Baah . I couldn't wait for an hour to check it. Is it me or does this look darn good ?!
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BB, you sure built one nice smoker....    icon14.gif .....



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Thank you Dave! It is nice to finally use it and it works tremendous.
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Butts are done and resting to be pulled.

Burnt end piece is resting and ready for the au ju. Can't wait!
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