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Quick Pie Vents

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Usually, I just cut out my pie vents free hand with a torch, but decided to try to make a jig this morning so that I could use the plasma and make them a little faster.


Bought a piece of 5/8" particle board at home depot last night and scetched out a pattern 1/2" bigger to accept the drag tip on the plasma


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Cut it out with a jig saw and then added some srews to keep it up off of the hot steel.


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tack welded my 1/4" plates to the side of a cart to make it easier to handle .


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Started cutting , but tip was bad on plasma and I didnt change it out until towards the end when it wouldnt cut anymore.


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Made for a little less than perfect plasma cut, but oh well. Really more interested in how the jig works out anyway.



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A little more grinding than I should have had to do, but thats the lession I learn from being to impatient to put a new tip in.


Anyway, an hour to make the jig, 1/2 hour to run to Ace and get some srews, and another hour to cut and grind and I got me a pie vent for my firebox side door.


Now, what am I going to do about some hinges????  Let me go mess around a little bit then I'll show you what I come up with.


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Great plan, thx!
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1/2 inch rod and 1/2 inch schedule 80 pipe. Or google bullet hinges.

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Great idea about template.  Never thought I'd use my router on this project. 

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Ive use the 1/2" rod before, ..but I dont feel its ridged enough for the firebox door that will swing to the left.  Im going to be fabricating some 'gusset style hinges, and would have had them done Saturday if my Miller welder hadnt been giving me problems., The lincoln was loaned out. Now I have to get a new lead today.

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Templates definitely make life easier looks like it did a good job for you. A plasma cutter is definitely on my wish list, I don't think my oxy acetylene torch would like the wood template.

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I think 3/16" over 1/4" plate would cut cleaner also.  1/4 plate is probably over kill for a vent.  I just grabed what was laying around instead of grabbing a new sheet.

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