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Originally Posted by TurnandBurn View Post

That smoker looks like the bees knees!!! Along with the cooks in rapid succession it seems. I can't blame you. Beautiful smoker. Have you talked to Todd about buying pellets in bulk? Right now I currently use traeger pellets that can be bought at ace hardware in 20lb sacks for about $17.

Thanks, You should look into Todd's bulk and also Lumber Jack bulk.  It was more cost efficient for me to buy Lumber Jack pallet being on the east coast.  LJ pellets work really well and are 100% wood as are Todd's.  Starting to use them up as you can seegrilling_smilie.gif

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Can I get your recipe for the bacon wrapped goodness?

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Originally Posted by smokerman1 View Post

Can I get your recipe for the bacon wrapped goodness?

Depending on the size you want I used 3 lbs ground pork and 1 pound sausage meat., chopped up 2 onions 5 cloves garlic and sauteed in a pan, let cool. Cut up about 8 fresh jalapenos (cored/deseeded) sliced into half rings.  Mixed the meats together then rolled out with rolling pin Layered on sliced ham,sliced provolone,the about 1/3 of the way from the edge added the sauteed onion garlic mixture, fresh jalapenos, added shredded cheddar,mozzarella,and Parmesan created like a "log" across.  Then I rolled,wrapped in plastic wrap placed in fridge.  Made bacon weave, after about two hours put on the bacon , and into the smoker it went at 250.  Do search on "FATTY" and you should find plenty of recipes/ instruction on making.  Try this link



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Originally Posted by SmokinGrk View Post

The Port Mod -


Found ports here or - they are the same, I ordered both - the turned out to be same - one was a much better price. 
Things to Note - you need a step drill or about a 3/4" drill - use step drill if possible .

What I used:

The internals of the port are NOT for high heat so I replaced with woven (cloth like) Fiberglass sleeve, kept it in using a 1/2 inch copper pipe nipple about 3/4" long -placed inside the fiberglass sleeve applied high temp silicone to fib. cloth (only where it will make contact on inside of port aka cable gland) then into opening of port, pinching the cloth to the wall of port. Make sure that copper pipe length allows cap to be replaced. The cloth can be collapsed by a small clamp to keep probe wires in place and prevent airflow out (little anyway) via port - do not overtighten if used. Mounting was just below the top shelf rail as was recommended by others and towards the front on right side. I'm only mounting 1 port that can handle at least 4 probably max of 6-8 probes (based on my probe wires)
Original assembly:

How much extra room do you have in this connector while your inserting the temp probes?  Your using a 1/2" copper tube which seams like a lot.  I was looking at some of these but smaller and wanted to know if they would work or just be too small??
Thanks,  Michael
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I'm at work so briefly I can say that using MAV probes I can fit at least 4 probes thru easily. I insert the temp probe from the outside into tthe chamber since the connector will not fit thru. Let me know if this helps - I'll look at the link later tonight.
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also the reason for 1/2" is that it allows for the probed to be inserted (with the curve ) based on MAV temp probe. Other probes you may not need that clearance if the connectors can be removed and attached.
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Yeah a lot of probes are curved (not all) but this is my concern if the curved part will fit through the connector.  I'm trying to go as small as I can but has to big enough to fit the curve.


Thanks,  Michael

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Originally Posted by smokerman1 View Post

Can I get your recipe for the bacon wrapped goodness?

Not sure if I replied to this yet:

Used Ground pork and ground sausage (hot and sweet) The amount depends on how big you want to go.

The recipe forum here has a good tutorial on bacon weave (use search for "bacon weave" will get you right there.

Sliced up about 8 fresh jalapenos (seeded and cored).  Sauteed onions and garlic in olive oil /butter mix and let cool. 

Rolled out pork / sausage mix onto a sheet pan lined with plastic wrap.  Layered on sliced ham, sliced provolone, then created a "tube" of the onion/garlic mix, jalapenos, on the meat sheet, more towards one end so you can roll into the center, and added handfuls of cheddar, mozzarella, and some grated Parmesan.  Roll the whole thing up using the plastic wrap and seal the end using the wrap as a "candy wrapper" to create a solid meat bar.  Then place in fridge for about two hours, in the meantime make the bacon weave, then place the meat loaf on the bacon wrap and wrap.  Season as you like and then smoke at 250-275.  Easy right? Enjoy -PM me if you have any questions. 

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Thanks for this thread - been looking very hard at different makes and models and have settled in on the 640. This'll be my first smoker and will mainly be used for smoking, really didn't have much interest in direct cooking as I have a dual weber kettle unit that I built years ago...   still works great, but its time to get my smoke on.....    Appreciate the posting of the stainless temp sleeves, which is easy and helpful. 



If I may ask, did you order yours right from the factory ? Looking to pick up a competition model at a decent price. Ha sometimes they call me Capt Overkill :)


I'm located SE Wisconsin and there is no place anywhere near me that is a dealer or to check them out in person.


New member here no PM's yet - if anyone has any additional helpful info, hit me up at shytbox @ until I can get my post count up here. looking forward to learning the craft, already love cooking but need to add a new skills and flavors to my tool belt.....    


Thanks so much



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Congratulations on choosing The Yoder, You will not be disappointed.

Link to Yoder home page. Find a Dealer, lower right hand corner. Click there to find a dealer near You.

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Your gonna love that unit.  Had mine for just over 2 years now.

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Thanks guys....


Pulled the trigger today on a 640 silver competition... ordered stright from Yoder - Now the wait.... 


I'll post up a new thread for suggestions and help on getting started....  so as not to poison this one any further... 


Thanks and Sorry OP...    

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probably the best choice overall - i've been way too busy at work and have not visited here for a while, though I have been using my Yoder!.  Smoked 18 racks of ribs and 6 pork butts for a party and all were a hit.  You are going to really enjoy cooking on this unit,plus like many have resonated here its made in the US and built like a tank -  welcome to Yoder Pellet World...

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Curious about the wheels you installed on the Yoder.  I've ordered mine and would like to do the same type of modification to it when it comes in.

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Originally Posted by Hawgelujah BBQ View Post

Curious about the wheels you installed on the Yoder.  I've ordered mine and would like to do the same type of modification to it when it comes in.


The large wheels are easy (if you ordered the same) using the existing axles.  I replaced my axle with a solid rodall the way thru forsome additional stability.  The swivel wheels were a bit more work.  makes sure you  use a step drill not a straight as the materialis very thick.  Use a straight drill only for the end to clean up.  enjoy your new cooker - I'm planning some on cooking another 4 butts this weekend....cheers

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Welcome, to the forum Hawelujah BBQ

The swivel wheel holes can be drilled with the step drill. Drill in from the bottom, then finish off from inside.

Link to the wheel mod thread with photos.

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