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1st jerky

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Tonight I started my quest on my first jerky in a smoker. I just purchased a Cajun Injector electric smoker and I will use it for the first time this weekend. I bought 2 Sirloin Tip Roasts that together were 4.23 lbs before trim and 3.74 lbs after trim. One got hi-mountain original the other 3 pepper hi-mountain seasoning. They are in the fridge waiting for Saturday thinking I will use either hickory or a sweet wood pellet on them. Any heads-up would be great.
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I prefer hickory on jerky.

Sounds like you have it under control.

Just drain it a bit before you start smoking it.

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I have a whole box of unfinished hickory flooring scraps. I use only one chunk about 4 inches long for a batch of jerky.
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Just put my jerky in my smoker with one row of hickory in my AMAZN. I have the smoker set at 160° for 5 hours. I will probably rotate racks in about an hour or so. And yes I know no q-view didn't happen but I have a good excuse, my wife has it at the Jason Alden concert. I will take pics of finished jerky when she gets home.
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On jerky I smoke no longer that 1 hour. Usually a bit less than that. I use chunk fruit wood mostly. If I was to use hickory, I would not go over 1/2 hour of smoke. Hickory is strong and will over come the jerky natural flavor and spices you've added. I normally do jerky at 110-130 and then edge it up and finish at the last hour at 165. Last batch was 1/4 inch and took 12+ hours. Normally I do 1/8 inch cuts and that takes 8 hours. Since the AMZN has less smoke than my chunks, you can probably smoke longer than I do. I do use cure #1. 

Keep checking the doneness, don't want to over cook it!

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I like the hi mountain for a guick 24 hour cure. I use about 150 for the first hour and then go to 180 for 2 to 2 1/2 more hours. Remember that you are drying the meat too so leave the vent wide open. Hickory can be strong so be careful and definitely start checking for the type of chew you want during the cook. Easy to overcook. All the best to you.
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