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I just want to say THANK YOU again Martin, 77.gif   I spent most of last Saturday cleaning and recording the two freezers.

  Yesterday I made my second grocery list and there was no Meat on it.

It is easy to see what I have to use soon. 

There were a few items that I don't really know the date it was put in the freezer wife.gif so I am going through them first.  I can't wait for the pantry and cupboard version.



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I love your tag line Stan!! :)



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I love your tag line Stan!! :)



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My apologies for the double post. I clicked on "Submit" on the first one and it appeared to be stalled. So of course by clicking on the button one more time always solves the issue. :)


We in the tech field call that PEBKAC. (Google it if you're not familiar with that acronym.)



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Hi Martin, just thought I would let you know that I am able to changes dates etc. in your spreadsheet. I am using open ofiice org with a Linux operating system.


Thanks for this realley useful tool for tracing.



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Just a tip from someone who has found mystery meat that was years old in the bottom of a chest freezer.

  Get some plastic milk crates . use a  separate crate for beef , for pork , chicken ,cooked foods

 you can grab the crate pull out what you are looking for and crate goes back in freezer.

 You can color code them to make it easier to find what you are seeking.

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Originally Posted by DiggingDogFarm View Post

Source: USDA





Whoops.   Guess the USDA wouldn't have approved of my smoking 3 Boston Butts the other day that were in my freezer since March of 2010.   Sidenote:   They were delicious  :)

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Odd this should get bumped up (and a good thing too for those who have not seen it before).


We went to put some sausage in the chest freezer last night and heard the dreaded question.....   "Honey, why is the sausage you put in here last week thawed?"  Uh-Oh....   So needless to say I've re-inventoried my freezer after moving all the food to an upright model (which I just happen to have inherited from my parents a while back and was sitting idle).  And back to your point on the pork shoulder, guess what I found in the bottom of the freezer?  A nice cryovac shoulder I had forgotten about and not put in the inventory tracker (my bad).


PS - all the meat was good as we caught this very early. 98% was still frozen rock hard and that which was not was still within it's sell by/freeze by date ranges and the temps were still food safe when we found the problem.  1979 to 2013 is not a bad run for a $250 freezer I guess.

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When I inventory my freezer, if I find anything I can't put a name to, it automatically goes into dog food.  About every two months I cook up a stew-suppliment  for the dogs cause I don't think they get full vallue out of dry dog food.  All the trimmings, grease, fat,leftovers plus carrots, celery, parsley etc go into the stew.  The hounds thrive on it.


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Originally Posted by DiggingDogFarm View Post

My guess is that it has something to do with it being an old version of Excel.

You can download and install LibreOffice for free.


it also works in open office

thanks i needed this but i now need to control what my wife put in freezer

she sneaks things in

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