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Originally Posted by Palladini View Post

I look, but do not see it in the stores around here.  I see the frozen Canada Packers, who I hate and Johsonville fresh Italian style sausage, never in the tube.  and the CP stuff in those tubes is almost pure fat.  And I live in the city that is at the intersection of the Grand River and the Hwy 403

Yes the package of Johnsonville that I am talking about is not in a tube, fresh Italian sausage meat (not in links), mild or hot on a tray in the fresh section.

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Originally Posted by Hova1914 View Post

The "fatty mcmuffin" is a great idea! I'll hafta try that with my next breakfast fatty

"fatty mcmuffin"




@ Ed,  Really nice job on the Fatty.  You should copy right ""fatty mcmuffin"" before Mcdonalds here's it.  lol

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Looks awesome. Good job
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