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Good smoke on right. Too much on left.


Being you did a 2-2-1, gotta guess you were doing baby backs ribs? Sometimes I back off to more of a 2 -2- .5 if they are not the bigger meaty ones. 

As you said, check your gauges, watch too much sugar in the rub.

Great example! I will actually use this picture to show my buddy what I was trying to explain to him last night.

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Thanks man, much appreciated.   Ribs are a dance, no doubt.  I was thinking today, the tricky thing as I see it.. is.. there's a 'tender window' during the foil that a bbq'er should pay attention to. (your toothpick).   Foil protects ribs from getting too black, which I assume is the point or consternation of the topic starter.  But at the same time you have to anticpate how much exposure after foiling you want, that balances tender with crisp.   example:  I made some baby backs recently (and this is apropot here.. vs. spares) that I tendered too long in foil. Maybe it was the pale ales I was tossing back, who knows.  But, I still went for 'my style of crisp and color' after foiling.. which also added more tenderizing too.  The product was a bunch a tasty rib meat that fell apart in my tongs.  Ended up being sandwich material.  oh well.  I'll get 'em next time.

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