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bacon wrapped chicken breasts

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Smoking some chicken breast wrapped in bacon today, used a basic brine with honey first then a little rub, my wifes favorite.....Oh yah, and some coors light :-)

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Looks great
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Thanks, they turned out great, i put a pineapple ring under the bacon as well.

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Dawg, morning.....  What was the final flavor like ??  Oriental maybe ??   Are you going to make it again....    Dave

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The pineapple just added a hint of sweet too me, i haven't smoked a variety of different things yet, but this one by far is my wifes favorite, so yah I will be doing this one again, gotta keep peace in the family :-)...............As a newbie to smoking, I am trying to find different meals for me to make for this upcoming tailgating season, this one will definitely make the menu, pretty easy.



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Looks awesome, nice work. How long did you brine them for before rubbing them down with the honey and rub mix? Time and temp smoked/cooked?

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Thanks.........Actually the honey was in the brine, thats a good idea though to put a little honey on to hold the rub..........I brined for about 1 3/4 hrs, then put rub on, smoked for about 3 hrs at 225 till breast reached 165, let sit about 15 minutes covered loosely with foil..........Very tender and tasty..............used apple wood........I have a Smoke Vault 24, still learning the ropes.

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Hi, I am a new to smoking and new to this site.  When you smoke bacon wrapped around chicken, does the bacon get crisp? 

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yes the bacon gets crispy to a point. It will not break apart one you but has a very nice BITE THRU quality.

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Here is a link to a recipe I did. They would be great for a tailgate party and are quite easy to do.

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