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I finally tore into this thing It wasnt a bad as it seemed. My electric burners needed to be replaced, all the wood, and of course my maverick ambient probe didn't make it lol. The wife ended up buying me an igrill for my birthday which is Awesome. The pink insulation ended up being just fine. 

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So are you rebuilding it?
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Ive rebuilt It, with the exception of one burner. I ordered a Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna for it, should be here mon. or tuesday. Im hella stoked to get that bad boy on the old fridge smoker.

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I got the Smoke Daddy B.K. installed tonight. I had to get a 6in nipple cus the walls are so thick. I had the guy at home depot score a groove in it with the pipe cutter for the E-clip. I should have taken a pic, it turned out nice and straight 

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Nice Smoker, How has the unit been performing? 

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Originally Posted by WoodSmoker View Post

Nice Smoker, How has the unit been performing? 

I have It dialed in pretty good. with the extra (adjustable) air flow from the smoke daddy and not having the chip pan inside really did wonders for me as far as holding temps. I couldnt be happier with it. thanks for asking and Merry Christmas. 

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Merry Christmas to you, Looks like a good smoker, looking at some of your earlier images I saw it burned up. I did not see that before, hope you recovered from that setback.   like projects such as your smoker, hard work with some pride. Makes stuff tast better. 

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It really does WoodSmoker. Ive never really built anything before so when I eat a hand crafted sausage or piece of Beef Jerky Ive made in a smoker I built it makes me think of the whole process and expierences Ive encountered and learned from. It's all new to me and I appreciate all of the help everyone here at smokingmeatforum has contributed 

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I know this is an old thread. But this smoker is kind of going to be my blueprint. What is the wattage of the hot plate you are using Papa Chops? I have a 1100 watt looking for a place to be or I could pull the burner assembly out of my charbroil and go propane. Im still on the fence about which to use.

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I work for the Food Network on the show The Kitchen and we are doing a grilling show.  Specifically, we are doing a segment on smokers and want to potentially use your fridge smoker photo in our show.  You can email me at for more information.  You can also let any friends you know with fridge smokers know that we are looking and can forward this info along to them as well, thanks!


Josh King

Producer's Assistant 

The Food Network

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