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Originally Posted by dward51 View Post

You do know you will end up drilling those rivets out and installing insulation at some point.  Look on e-bay for Roxul batts. You can get a box of 6 pieces of 2'x4'x2" shipped for around $60-70.  It it's too thick, just split them into thinner pieces to fit.

I suspect, you're most likely right?

For now, I'll run all the test and seasoning as it is!

I've been thinking...usually one can put a $ figure with that...and in this case it's also true...what about a mini-rotisserie smoker? I can scavenge any parts from an old bicycle and Lowe's...
Any thoughts?

Also, good deal on the element on yours...I would love to see some progress on that! Oh, and I like the light idea...hmmmm?

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With the help of Dave (dward51), I've got the PID assembled and functioning. My goal today is to get it connected to the element and get some heat going?

I got the PID, SSR and thermocouple last week and spent about 2 days figuring it all out. WARNING: If you purchase the el-cheapo PID's on ebay, they require some modifications before they'll function as needed. I had to open up the case and remove a mechanical relay that "supposedly" controls the SSR...I added 2 jumpers to the board and it seems to be functioning? I will most likely order an Auberin's one in the near future as my gut is this one will take a dump...time will tell?

I did install a voltage transformer for the computer fan as it runs on 12v and very low amperage (.68). I used some SS screen/mesh I had from the 2 towers posted in this thread...


Here's the Cantex box I mounted everything in

The circuit board relay removal and jumper modification

I'll have more pics shortly!

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I've had it all hooked up and running for about an hour...

Results, I cannot change the PID from C*--> F*, so using a converter app on the iPhone. Set the SV to 100*C (212*F +/-). I got it up 83*C (181.40*F). I still need to put my door seal on, make a inner wall for the area above the door (Approx: 2"W X 23"L), which leaks hot air into the space between the inner/outer walls, caulk the remainder of the inner wall joints and mount my K thermocouple somewhere in the middle? This next week I'll go and get a fan to circulate the CC air...

...and you can see the glowing red coil (I need to adjust the coil up a bit as it's touching the bottom, which I think affects the heating portion? Is 1,500 watts large enough for the (~16,

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So I got pretty much everything done...upper piece of inner wall (above door) installed, got the 2nd set of shelving brackets installed, raised the coils about an 1/8", installed K thermocouple, sealed up the rest of the interior with high-temp silicone, put silicone door seal on and cleaned up the wiring. I had to work this evening, so before I went and took a shower I plugged it in and in 15 minutes it reached the 85*C (took an hour earlier to reach same temp!). Tomorrow she'll get her fresh air hole drilled and a good seasoning and with any luck a inaugural smoke on Monday!

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Put on a window latch to keep door closed, drilled a hole in the bottom for draining and fresh air...

Decided to fire Frank jr up and see where he temp (per maverick) is at 265*F and the bottom is (according to the K thermocouple) 213.8* either there's a huge difference in temps, or the K couple is off? Using the 6" AMNTS for smoke and as long as I don't throttle the vent stack too much she puts out TBS!

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I'm still a little suspect of that knock off PID.  The specs listed the accuracy range for that unit with a K type thermocouple as plus/minus 6* F (which is a 12* spread).  That is huge compared to other PID's.  I would trust the maverick reading more than the PID.   Does it remain steady once it hits temps?


That's the drawback of the inexpensive stuff from China you find on ebay.  China made is one thing, but "cheap" and China made is another (it ain't cheap if you have to buy 3 of them to find one that works right).


That 1,500watt element should be plenty for that volume of air in the cabinet. It's about 1/2 the size of a lot of the builds that have used that same element.  I suspect the lack of insulation between the inner and outer walls is going to need to be addressed before it will hold 225* (especially with cold meat in there).  Also remember you are going to be using a lot more electricity without insulation and the heating element is going to be on a lot longer (if not all the time).


That's why I have not completed my big warmer conversion.  I know in my heart I really need to gut out all that foam and put in roxul. Even though it's made as a warmer to run up to 200* I just can't bring myself to build the thing with the foam "as is" knowing I really "should" gut the foam and do it right from the start instead of having to take it back apart again.  I need to get on it soon though.  I used to work with the guy who is the boss at my new job when we were both at another company.  He knows I smoke and loves the products.  He's already raving about the pulled pork and fatties I do to the others in our group.  And this office is a lot larger than our last one, so I will probably need that large cabinet (and soon)!

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