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Thanks for the replies.


Looking at the calculator for the intake vents, it's saying I need total of 6.24 - 2"x3" intake opening.

My thought is 4 under FB grate for under coals and 3 in middle for fresh air intake.

Just wondering, are they saying total intake or need 6 openings in bottom under grate???


Hope this makes sense?


Next weekend is rib day, got back too late to do a cook today.

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6.24 X (2x3) 6 sq. in. = 37.4 sq. in. of air intake.... I would put 30 at or under the grate and 7 directly across from the FB/CC opening...
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When you say directly across the FB/CC opening, I assume you mean at the very top of the door?

Hope to get this started this week in time for the weekend?

Flaked out yesterday as the wind was blowing around 30-45 mph with a wind chill of -27.

Should be warmer this weekend.

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Originally Posted by Ron Petersen View Post

When you say directly across the FB/CC opening, I assume you mean at the very top of the door?
Hope to get this started this week in time for the weekend?
Flaked out yesterday as the wind was blowing around 30-45 mph with a wind chill of -27.
Should be warmer this weekend.

Somewhere above the fire to allow cold air in to move the build up of heat, in the FB, to the CC.... helps also with the temp control... It works well....
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Going to put 8 ribs on RF smoker today. Hope it turns out great like last time. Outdoor temps 1 degree right now @ 9:30am. Supposed to warm up to 20 degrees. 7-10 mph winds. Made a charcoal box with double plates that zigzag, not sure if too deep or ??? but when I did my prime rib and chicken, it stayed hot. After 3 hours i needed to add more charcoal. Stacked the briquettes about 6" high.  Cannot send photo for some reason.

Will try it again.

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Been doing smoking just about every other weekend. Need to add 2 more cooking racks before Friday. Guessing I am going to need to cut the inside stack at an angle to allow more airflow as the old style is an inch above the bottom rack. Other 2 racks will be about 6" apart.

Going to cook 13 ribs for work.

Only problem I think I may be having is the flavor is starting to taste like ash. I try to clean the bottom out of ash but some stay, using wood or charcoal. I have not been cleaning the smoker as I read somewhere not to clean it. Now I am wondering?

Vent is at the bottom of the grate. I may add vent at the grate level if that would help?

My heat stays at a consistent 200 degrees.

When I do ribs, they are ready in 3 1/2 to 4 hours. I smoke for 2 hours, wrap in foil with apple cider for 1 hour, then put back on rack, glaze with bbq sauce for 1/2 to 1 hour.

Any suggestions to get my flavors back???


Thanks in Advance.

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Good morning, check your temp gauge first, pull it off and put the stem in boiling water and see if it reads 212º   3.5 to 4 hours seems a little quick at 200º  . Make sure your smoke stack damper is all the way open. I only close mine when I am through to keep out rain and bugs.

Have you changed wood ? make sure what you are using is seasoned.


Gary S

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Here is a picture of my door




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Don't have much time to do any mods today. I have been leaving the flue damper partially open. I'll try to leave fully open today. Only issue I seem to have is the door does not have the seams sealed as of yet so that's where my air is going thru with the dampers closed almost all the way. I guess still too much air going in? Need to get off my AS# and start finishing the smoker. No excuse now as it's at work ready to cook 13 ribs. Gonna be fun, just hope I have room.

Been thinking on why my ribs come out better a while back, that's because I was smoking out in 20 below to 30 degree weather. Ever since it gotten warm out I have been having a hard time with it. Only change in wood was from a mixed variety of wood (who knows what's in it) to hardwood (Birch, Oak and Maple) that I found at Menard's. I have been doing charcoal and lump with no difference.

Hopefully the lunch will turn out today and I will finish my smoker this weekend.


Just a side note, found a real nice pair of steel toed loafers from Walmart. When I got my HEAVY duty 50 pound charcoal basket out of the smoker, thought it was on the edge and missed, dropped right on my foot while I was wearing my old loafers. OUCH. Think I am overdoing the steel a bit much.

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Just cooked 13 baby backs, 80 bacon wrapped poppers and 2 trays of taters. Damn they were good. Turned out better than expected. this time I left the exhaust open all the way as suggested. The door vents were closed completely, the only air going to the FB was thru the cracks of the door. I am hoping to get it finished this weekend to get them sealed and finish the vent openings. Now that I know how much air to use for a simple cook, shouldn't be that hard to keep under control. I know weather plays a huge role in how the temps run in the smoker. Smoked 40 below to 80 degrees out. Wood seems to be more controllable than lump or charcoal. At least I found a place that has the wood. I am still going to use charcoal as needed to get the temps down to where I want it.

Next weekend another cookout, will see.

Thanks for all your suggestions and help. Makes me want to build another.


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Talking with a family member and found out he does smoking and has a 12x12 smoke shack. He smokes 100 turkeys for xmas and gives them away. He also dry cures spanish hamond which I want to try out.


Question, I wonder if I can use my reverse flow smoker that I built to be used as a smoker for low temp smoking and jerky making.


Or should I build a smoker box?




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Been quiet here on my side. Busy as usual and getting ready to take vacation in SD soon. Hope to find some good smoked meats.

Went to Watford City, ND Ribfest and had some good ribs. One of my coworkers used to do a lot of bbq's said my ribs were still the best he has ever had. Great compliment. Need to enter the Ribfest next year, requirement is I have to cook minimum of 175 pounds of ribs. Lots of ribs for my small smoker. Time to upgrade as well as add more racks. Starting as soon as I find a good tank, trailer and chunks of steel. Of course $$$.

Already starting on the electrical for my storage workshop which will house a wood style smoker. Always on the lookout for great meats. Have a few customers already asking me to cook for them, even though they have their units but more like a huge bbq on trailers. May borrow them and try my hand at using different bbq's.



Just ranting ideas.


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