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Only had an hour or so to fiddle today, so I shortened the skid and ground the end of the pipe where I cut it. Not the best use of time, but I couldn't resist stacking things up...happy to report everything lines up...whew!

Next time I get after it I'll do the fit up grinding (not much, really!) and weld the pipe to the skid at the top, then roll it over so I won't have to fight gravity with the welds from the skid to the pipe from below.
Plenty to still do on the firebox and warmer section, but this was nice to see today.
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Wow. This is really looking good. Won't be long now!
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Thanks, k.f.c. Nothing today as I had a vendor in a good part of the day, but Wednesday looks good. If my plan holds ( yeah, right) I'll get the pipe welded to the skid, at least one of the doors completed and hung, and a bit more cosmetic grinding done...or life will decide otherwise, and I'll just stare at it longingly as I walk by it several times a day. Time will tell.
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Started building out the firebox door, did the final bits of welding on the cabinet, fit up the pipe to the skid, and made hinges

Two of these for the FB door and three for the warmer cabinet door.
Tacked the skid to the pipe and rolled it over and started to weld it out, but I had trouble getting my parameters right and was pulled in too many directions from work, so decided it was best to walk away for a bit. Not where I hoped to get today, but a bunch more than nothing!
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My hinge plans didn't work out as planned, which set me back a bit. I think I have it figured out...just gotta make time to try it out.
I did get racks built for the warmer and the shelves installed, and started work on the cap mechanism for the stacks on the warmer, and ordered the steel for the reverse flow plate. Business trip after this week to get ready for, so I'm approaching the build "stall". Goal is still to be cooking for Memorial Day, though.

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Doors ( or at least door)!

Used some big gate hinges from tractor supply. I'll get to insulating this later. Got the reverse flow plates and end cap made too, and a bunch of little stuff, but this was good to get behind me.
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This is starting to look the part. I think winter is holding till you finish the smoker... Lol
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Don't you know it, KFC! 36 and windy rain right now. Yuck! I'm out of town next week and I'm hoping to return to spring!
Made a closing mechanism for the warmer stack cover yesterday, and laid out and started cutting the doors on the cook chamber. The halves will not be welded together until they're on the trailer. We're slow at work so I don't know if I'm hoping for time to work on the smoker or not today, but in a perfect world, I'll get the doors cut out and hinges installed and send the cook chamber section to the sandblasted to remove the paint when I'm out of town. We'll see.

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Looking good really made some progress on it.

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05sprcrw...thanks...seems slow now, but looking back its moving along OK.

Last work day before an extended business trip...leaving the rig in a pretty good place. The cook chamber section will be going out to be sandblasted while I'm away.

Squared up the hinge stock

Looks like it should work...


There was a bit of multi tasking to get this all done today.

Door stops are integrated to the hinges...

And the thermometer ports are in.

A great place to leave it for a bit! Swept out my work area and called it a week. Back at it in a week and a half or so. Take care, all.
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Ended up on a longish business trip, then catching up, so not too much progress. The cook chamber went to the sandblasted while I was away, and I did get flanges tacked on

Got doors mounted and latches on. I'm not sure I won't rebuild the doors and latches next winter, but these will work for now

It was a nice weekend for a change, so I fired up my old smoker

And overlooked some ribs
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Very nice DQ. Going to be in the 70's this week... I am running a batch of fish now. :)
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How'd they turn out, cam...pike?
Stayed up quite late last night and assembled the two halves, installed the RF plates, drain channel and drain, and end cap. Also installed the main stack. I need to weld out the bottom half do the tube on both ends still...ran out of 1/8" 7018 and mig gas.
Went in early and got the lower shelf guides cut and in, built the lower grates, and build and installed a stack cover and control...and a support piece between the stack and warmer. All between 8pm and 8am...not much sleep last night, but I'm out of town tomorrow night and on the road Fri, and I want to fire it up this weekend.
Didn't make time for many pix, but here's where it stood before bed:
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Looking good, just keep on plodding along and you'll be smoking in no time!  Very clever on the hinge/door stop!

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Actually, per the suggestion if an old friend, I smoked about 20 silver bass. And I have to say, they were excellent!
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Had a bit of a mishap when a caster failed:

Nothing damaged that can't be bent back, and everything held together.
Lifted one end and used a come-a-long to drag the unit on the trailer. It's welded in place now, but not enough to move. I'll keep it inside while I make a couple repairs, finish welding it down, and complete some small stuff, then fire it up.

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I am sure it was tough to watch it fall. At least nobody was under it. The great thing about metal is with some heat and a hammer it can be straightened or cut off and redone.
Looks good on the trailer.
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Not completely done, but I got the smoker structurally welded to the trailer, bent the hinges for the FB back (damaged in the fall), installed the thermometers, drug it home and fired it up!

It can get to 350, lower without trouble, and I got the warmer to around 200, so it works!
I need to make a few urgent re-works...the hinges are too tight when warm, as is the main chimney cap lever. I'll cut them out and go down 1/16" and see how that works. Hopefully next time I fire it up it will have food in it!
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Warmer box question for anyone who may have tried something similar...when I was cleaning up, there was a bit of ash that had come up through the baffle from the FB. Not a lot, but too much for food that wasn't wrapped. Just as a warmer, foiled food will be fine of course. Do you think a simple deflector will knock enough down? I can run the waste heat from the cc and leave the damper closed, but I can get more temp if I need it from the FB damper. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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