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2000 honda prelude. With a couple bolt ons. And it does not have that obnoxious weed wacker sound. Looking for something new in the next few months when I relocate from WA back to NY
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I currently drive/ride a Honda Goldwing trike. My last car was a Mercedes 600SEL (12 cylinder, 408 HP). Pure luxury. Life can be good... real good.

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Picked this up last week in PA. A 75 Yamaha XS650, 5600 original miles. I was intending to do a cafe racer but don't have the heart to chop it up. I still plan on rephasing the engine, though, and a full restore.
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ACTUALLY , I see no reason to post on this since my Pick-Up was  repoed  . That's O.K. , now THEY have to replace the tranny and steering problems.  th_dunno-1[1].gif

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 I drive a 2007 Chrysler Aspen Limited, silver in color, AWD. My wife drives a 2004 Mazda Tribute and i have a beat around sonoma i bought to haul stuff in... like my hasty bake lol. 

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Gotta go with ORIGINAL Jeep Cherokee!:first:

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Originally Posted by Dish View Post

Gotta go with ORIGINAL Jeep Cherokee!:first:


Looks a lot like mine, Dish. Maybe a year or 2 newer. Mine is a 2000, manual transmission, 64K miles, and I love it. Especially in snow!

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My hunting rig is a 99 Silverado with 135k. Wife drives an 07 Yukon XL with a little over a 100k and my dd is a 14 VW Jetta TDI. I traded my 11 Sierra in on the Jetta...had to start driving a lot of miles for work and the 16 mpg was killing me.
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2014 Toyota Tundra

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Just traded in my 97 ford ranger for a new F-150....I would much rather have had a new ranger but alas , they don't make them anymore.
So this rascal is a bit large for my taste , but what a nice ride...

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just got this yesterday 1998 clasic, 138000 mi.
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Nice looking Cherokee.  I've got an '01 w/ 114,000.  Last year they made 'em.

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Replaced my '02 F150 FX4 with 254,000 miles last fall with a '10 same make and model.

Don't get me wrong. I love my new truck, but I also really loved having no payments. I figured we would drive the wheels off, well the electrical gremlins had other ideas.
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heres my summertime baby. winter months i drive a 2010 sub 2500 4x4.


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My DD is a Toyota Corolla


My weekend cruiser.

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Good Morning to All! Your cars are fabulous!


I drive a Zamboni. (Or it FEELS that way, seeing as winter this year is still going and so long)! Smiles.


Here's to us all being "DRIVEN" to smoke up great things today however!!! Off to go whip up some wild boar...


Cheers!!!! - Leah

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What I drive... Left the wife's car out. :)






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well I'm glad you asked!

1967 Cadillac Deville on air ride

Home built teardrop trailer

2000 Yamaha Road Star Silverado

2013 Chevrolet Silverado 

1952 Ford 8n, newest addition. Hopefully will get a shine coat before next winter.







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86 chevy shortbed with a 350 and 4 on the floor it aint a bad lil rig but shes cold blooded
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