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I had the same question and asked Jeff. THE rub and THE sauce you are referring to are NOT included in the book.
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Well that kinda sucks. Thought I was killing two birds with one stone. Thought buying the book with all the recipes and supporting Jeff at the same time it would have been included.

Made me wonder though as the rubs in there are fine but nothing out of the norm. Now I am really curious about THE

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My wife used to hate ribs till I used this rub. Now she asks for them all the time.
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Same at my house!

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I don't believe those recipes were in the book - probably not perfected yet - but it is a great book with some wonderful ideas. I would recommend buying the recipe! I went through 4 batches last weekend alone as I was making ribs for the family and smoking 6 pork butts for a grooms dinner I am catering this Friday! The groom insisted on the rub - even asked me to make a little sauce out of it!

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The recipes are not in the book, I believe Jeff left them out, because he uses the proceeds to fund the forum. All the friends and family like the rub and the sauce

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I tried the rub today after I bought it and I'm not sure what I did wrong. I used normal brown surgar and did everything exactly according to the notes. It seem to go on cakey and I guess it was way to much. I'm going to try some dark brown surgar and see what that does. I used the 2-2-1 method and the ribs were good but I was expecting something awesome from the rub and didn't get it. Wife said the same thing and maybe I need to do something different. Going to try it on some Tri-Tip next with some other brown surgar or something. Maybe in AM after they set I'll be able to taste what it is that is being over powering or maybe it was that I did just put to much on. It said cover it so the meat doesn't show and that is what I did. Ah next time. not giving up just yet.

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Chuckster:  did you sift/get all the lumps out of the brown sugar?--that's always the hardest part for me, and can make a big difference...?

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Brown sugar will attract moisture out of the air. You can spread it out on a cookie sheet and dry it in your oven (set on the lowest setting which is generally around 150* in most ovens).  Any remaining lumps can be crushed with the back of a spoon.  I have heard of people drying it in 15 second bursts in the microwave but I have not tried that method.


Only problem is once it's dry, it will start to attract moisture out of the air again, so don't let it sit around on the counter too long before mixing.


I find that keeping my unused mixed rubs in a mason jar seems to work better than keeping it in the shaker topped plastic containers.  I think the reason is the mason jar is totally sealed and the average shaker topped plastic bottle is not.  I just dump the unused rub from the mason jar into the shaker bottle when I need to or spread it by hand.

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I agree with dward...I keep mine in a tupperware container, then transfer to shaker to use...I've also found that mixing in a food processor is an easy cheat that provides pretty consistent results ;)

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Originally Posted by SupercenterChef View Post

Chuckster:  did you sift/get all the lumps out of the brown sugar?--that's always the hardest part for me, and can make a big difference...?

Nope,  straight out of the package and mixed it right on up. Will to try the methods of drying it out etc.

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I don't dry mine, run it though a spice a grinder. It does harden up pretty quick tho, even when stored in airtight container. A good smack on the counter breaks it all up.
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